adax brand

Adax – We warm people through generations

With 70 years of experience and Norwegian design, Adax is one of the leading brands in the Scandinavian market.

Adax is producing in Europe and has always focused on quality and sustainability. Adax was also the first brand to introduce integrated Wi-Fi in our appliances in Scandinavia. Now they also offer integrations to various smart integrations including Conrad Connect and offering open API’s for professional integrations. 
All Adax's own production is offering 5 years warranty!

Compatible Devices

Adax Cleo

Adax Clea

An exclusive panel heater with a glass front.

Panel – 340mm high, from 400w to 1200w

List – 222mm high, from 400w to 1000w

Colors: White, Black 

Thermostat: WiFi + Bluetooth for quick setup.



Adax Neo

Adax Neo series is Scandinavia's best-selling panel heaters:

Panel – 330mm high, from 250w to 2000w

List – 210mm high, from 250w to 1400w

Colors: White, Sparkling Grey and Pearl Black

Thermostat: WiFi + Bluetooth for quick setup.