Airvisual Smart Home Automation

Monitoring Air Quality Where You Live

Air quality strongly depends on where you're based. In some regions of the world, stepping out of the door is no problem at all, whilst in other parts opening a window poses a health risk to everyone with a respiratory complaint. And then there are those metropolitan areas where even the uber-healthiest among us would not want to stay outdoors for too long. And this is precisely where Airvisual’s real-time air-quality projection tools come in.      

Why Use Conrad Connect?

Use Airvisual as source of air quality information for your Conrad Connect projects. Monitor real-time readings and air quality projections to reduce health risks associated with air pollution by setting up automation routines based on Airvisual’s data streams.

Airvisual Smart Home Automation

Airvisual’s Strongpoint: Real-time Air Quality Tracking

Airvisual products use air quality data collected all over the world for reliable real-time projections made available to all users. The company’s product line comprises both sensors and detectors placed in your workplace providing local readings, and a mobile phone app that takes over when you are out of office. Travelling means you do not have access to actual air quality readings. Moreover, pollution levels change during the day which makes any forecast in the papers or on TV somewhat unspecific at least. Monitoring the conditions in real time requires a dedicated online platform that uses a huge number of readings collected across the planet to provide accurate information for the precise location you are in at the moment. And that is exactly what Airvisual does. And it isn’t just about outdoor air pollution anymore. Indoor office space also poses health risks caused by pollutants, such as ozone emitted by laser printers using toner ink.

Besides issuing air pollution warnings, Airvisual focuses on determining causalities by analyzing the history of pollution, to improve air quality in the long term. Airvisual’s founders firmly believe that you need to know the nature, source and level of each pollutant, to be able to take appropriate action. As of today, the company’s database contains air quality information from more than 9.000 cities worldwide. The data comprise readings taken in the field as well as information collected by satellites, or published by government organizations and meteorological stations. Airvisual analyses these data and uses the results to come up with an accurate 3-day projection.