brennenstuhl with conrad connect

With BrematicPRO entering process automation is very uncomplicated. Wireless components, simple installation and simple operation ensure a great deal of convenience right from the start. The modules can be combined with each other so that there are almost no limits for your ideas. BrematicPRO also works without an existing internet connection and thanks to bidirectional radio protocol, you can check remotely whether everything is ok at the workplace. Discover the smart BrematicPRO modules below.

Compatible Devices


BrematicPRO Wireless Switch Adapter

BrematicPRO Wireless Switch Adapter FA 868 01 W3600 for inside use

  • Wireless Switch Adapter integrates every electrical device up to 3600 W into your Smart Home Automation
  • Simply plug it in between the power outlet and the desired device and turn all devices into smart devices
  • Via the app, remote control, Alexa controllable and, in combination with Conrad Connect, also with Google Home and Telegram Messanger
  • Easy, fast and flexible installation of the Wireless Switch Adapter
  • Operation directly via the ON / OFF button on the device or via the BrematicPRO Gateway

BrematicPRO Unterputz-Rollladensteuerung

BrematicPRO Wireless Shutter Actuator UPRS868 01 W300

  • The Wireless Shutter Actuator is for the automation of electrically operated roller shutters, blinds or awnings up to 300 W
  • Enables shutter control conveniently from the sofa or on the way via App, with voice control via Amazon Alexa or with many other devices thanks to Conrad Connect
  • Simple and at the same time invisible retrofitting of existing systems, since existing installation and cabling is used
  • Provide better burglary protection as well as weather-dependent smart home automation with intelligent roller shutter control
  • For use, BrematicPRO Gateway is required



BrematicPRO Smart Home Zentrale

BrematicPRO Gateway 868-433 WLAN01 with power supply

  • Smart Home Central is used to control all Brematic 433.92 MHz and BrematicPRO 868.3 MHz components
  • Made in Germany and optimal data protection when you are home or from everywhere else
  • Protected connection and data transfer via a cloud in Germany or VPN
  • Controllable via app or voice control via Amazon Alexa or with Conrad Connect via Google Home or Telegram Messanger
  • Control interior and exterior lighting, consumer electronics, fans and more
  • With easy and fast installation, without laying cables, the Smart Home Central is easy to use as a expansion too

BrematicPRO Temperature and Moisture Sensor

Brennenstuhl BrematicPRO Temperature and Moisture Sensor for inside and outside reliably detects and records indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity. The use of the BrematicPRO app to control the actuators and sensors is possible in conjunction with the BrematicPRO Gateway.

  • BrematicPRO Temperature and Moisture Sensor consists of a radio temperature sensor, a moisture detector and the function for reading the data through the app
  • Uses two sensors to measure surrounding temperature and humidity values ​​in a measuring interval of approximately five minutes
  • Temperature is measured in ° C and humidity in % and the values are transmitted to the BrematicPRO Gateway
  • You can read data and trigger actions via the app or via the dashboard or with smart projects on Conrad Connect
  • Flexible installation thanks to wireless networking and power supply with batteries
  • Reports potentially critical temperature or humidity data around the sensor