With eNet SMART HOME, you can integrate existing or newly installed domestic technology with the help of a safe wireless standard.

The big advantage for you: eNet SMART HOME can rely on a network of over 2,500 service partners in order to interconnect products from the brand alliance Gira, JUNG, Brumberg, Häfele, Siedle, Steinel and tado°.

The safe wireless connection standard enables installation without laying cables and related construction work.

This makes the professional smart home all-round solution particularly attractive for older buildings and rental properties.

Either way, the value of the property will be retained for the owner and the occupant can enjoy maximum comfort. The products of eNet SMART HOME’s alliance partners are not only manufactured according to high quality standards – they are also easy and intuitive to operate.

Compatible Devices

Gira / JUNG eNet Server

Gira / JUNG eNet Server

The basic difference between a professional smart home and do-it-yourself or one-off solutions is the server.

When it comes to reliability, performance and security, nothing can compare to a server-based system with installation by electricians and system integrators. In the case of eNet servers from Gira and JUNG, the additional advantage lies in the fully encrypted, bidirectional radio standard.

This not only allows for the flexible positioning of individual components, but also spares your home the construction work which is necessary in the case of solutions which need wiring. The initial installation is carried out by one of 2,400 certified service partners – via our website you can get in touch with an electrician at any time and arrange for an initial consultation.

Steinel Bewegungsmelder sensIQ eNet

Steinel motion detector sensIQ eNet

In a smart home, there’s no need to issue commands for every little thing – it’s more comfortable when many processes run automatically or are controlled by means of a sensor being triggered. With eNet SMART HOME, you can use sensIQ from Steinel to intelligently integrate the absolute reference class of motion detectors and, for example, connect these to your exterior lights.

In residential as well as commercial applications, sensIQ excels with its adjustable range and 300° detection angle – ensuring security in and around the building. No matter whether you want to use the sensors for lighting a pathway or scaring off intruders. People who want things to be especially bright and smart opt for XLED Pro exterior lighting, which is also fully compatible with eNet SMART HOME.

JUNG eNet Funk-Dimmaktor 1fach Mini

JUNG eNet radio dimming actuator

Generally speaking, many lamps are dimmable – if you have the right technology. To ensure this also works in a smart way, you need a dimming actuator.

In an eNet SMART HOME, it’s possible to integrate more than just lights – you can also define the dimming level for specific situations and scenes by means of if-then rules. For the perfect cinema scene at home, you therefore set the living room light to 40 % and turn off the other lights completely – then all that’s left is for you to: Let the show begin!

For an optimum light and design experience, we recommend lights from the eNet SMART HOME alliance brand Brumberg, whose Dim2Warm and vitaLED offer state-of-the-art approaches in the area of energy efficiency as well as in the area of comfort.


JUNG eNet radio wall transmitter

The JUNG eNet module turns the long-established company’s design classic into something smart. For example, LS 990 hand-painted in the many colours of Les Couleurs® from master architect Le Corbusier. In typical eNet SMART HOME fashion, JUNG shows how design, tradition and innovation come together to generate synergy effects and enable comfortable living.

You also have countless options when it comes to controlling functions and smart scenes. With eNet SMART HOME, you integrate existing blinds, lights, heating and more – it’s entirely up to you what you operate via app and what you operate via touch by means of the attractive JUNG switches.

Gira eNet Funk Jalousieaktor 1fach REG

Gira eNet radio blind actuator

In order to install eNet SMART HOME, there’s no need to tear open walls or gut your flat. The great advantage of the server-based radio system is its flexible integration of existing technology in a new smart home system.

For instance, this makes it possible to make blinds smart with the installation of an eNet radio-controlled blind actuator from Gira. For every transmitting switch there is also a smart receiver which further processes the commands for the blind motor. After integration, in the app you can easily specify the desired positions of your blinds for your own defined scenes, wind alarm, time control and much more. This provides you with centralised control of your technology at home with eNet SMART HOME.


Gira eNet radio wall transmitter

Gira switches allow you to transmit fully encrypted commands to all kinds of smart technology. These switches can be placed anywhere on walls, beams or even furniture, and offer great variety in terms of design – which is guaranteed to suit any style of living.

The controls are completely conventional: a press of a button issues the command – which you can define any way you like. Are the blinds to be raised, the lights switched off or both actions activated at the same time in a scene? No problem with eNet SMART HOME and switches from Gira.