Google Calendar Smart Home Automation

One for All, All for One.

Calling Google Calendar a calendar is definitely an understatement. Fact is, Google Calendar is a highly versatile tool for any sort of time planning. Starting out as a team application Google Calendar grew into an all-rounder: different time planners for your professional and personal life, sharing  upcoming events with workmates, you name it. Creating events also comes with the option to attach minutes and other sorts of notes or documents. And once you’ve started using it you don’t wanna stop. 

Why Use Conrad Connect?

Linking Google Calendar to Conrad Connect opens a plethora of smart solutions, ranging from staying motivated by automatically asking friends to come along when you plan to get some exercise, to issuing weather-dependent invites for outdoor events. Means you are encouraged to get up earlier if snow has been forecast and there’s a chance you might need to dig out your car. 

Google Calendar Smart Home Automation

Google Calendar. Jack of all Trades.

Using Google Calendar requires a Google account. The browser-based version allows you to import and export event data and lets you decide who will be able to share your time planner – if you want to share in the first place. Other settings are adjusted using the mobile Android/iOS app. App and browser-based version auto-synchronize and can be used at the same time. The planner dashboard allows users to choose between a running 12-month, daily, 3-day, weekly or monthly view. And there the option to display or hide individual time planners. All time planners can be colour-coded.
Add a new event using the + button and choose a clear and concise title. Colour-coding the events also makes differentiating event types easier. No more hassle when it comes to recurring events – Google takes care of that. The only thing you need to do is choose between daily, weekly, monthly, yearly or user-defined recurrence. And you determine whether and if so, when, a string of appointments ends. Means Google Calendar suits both your long-term and short-term commitments. Synchronising events with Google Map enables using your smart phone to find the event location or venue. Some events need some pre-planning. No problem at all. Google sends you an appointment reminder – whether this happens 5 min or 3 days before the event is scheduled is totally up to you. Google Calendar comes with some nifty features aimed at the workplace: creating events allows attaching notes and documents. Means attendees, guests or participants can access event-related information right away. No more writing lengthy emails containing agendas or describing how to get to the venue.