Google Sheets Smart Home Automation

A Smart Cloud-based Alternative to Excel 

Many people already use Google Docs, a suitable and cost-saving alternative to Microsoft Word. However, Google’s G Suite offers a whole range of other office solutions including spreadsheets that meet the same requirements as Microsoft Excel when it comes to compatibility and functions. It’s called Google Sheets, and supports all projects that involve calculation, graphing tools and data sharing.       

Why Use Conrad Connect?

Linking Google Sheets to our platform offers a range of applications that help you make your life smarter. For example, why not start a little competition among friends by sharing your fitness tracker data? Compare what you did and monitor your progress, to stay motivated and keep going. Or what about creating a sheet that contains all the readings of your smart home appliances, such as temperature and RH?  

Google Sheets Smart Home Automation

Google Sheets. Smart. And Free. 

Needless to say that choosing a Microsoft Excel alternative comes down to money. Someone who occasionally uses a spreadsheet for some private tasks doesn’t really like splashing out on a software licence. At the same time, when you actually need to use a spreadsheet you want all the features and options of the rather expensive real deal. Compared with other open source spreadsheets, Google Sheets, like Google Docs is a cloud-based online tool that allows accessing data from whenever you are as long as you’ve got an internet connection. Having said this, there’s also an offline synching option although this doesn’t allow direct sharing between team members. Attaching MS Excel files to emails is still common these days – not really the most efficient way when it comes to collaborating on a project.

Google Sheets takes care of this storing data in the cloud. Moreover, if you use Sheets for private purposes only, it’s free. Professionals and businesses need to pay a fee which is very low indeed compared to what you have to shell out for software licences these days. the entire G Suite package including Docs, Sheets, Gmail, Presentations and other features comes at a monthly subscription starting at €4. However, whether subscription or free services, Google doesn’t charge you for data storage in the cloud. If you use Sheets non-commercially, you get 15GB. Subscribers get 30GB or more, depending on the chosen services.