Homematic IP Smart Home Automation

Making Smart Living Exciting

Heating, lighting, solar shading, security, weather, environment, you name it - Homematic provides a vast range of smart solutions. Moreover, fitting and operating Homematic smart devices is easy and straightforward. An intuitive smartphone app allows you to set-up and control Homematic products from wherever you are, using timer programs to execute automated routines. Communication between Homematic devices is encrypted, with no personal information being collected in the process. Adding Homematic products to Conrad Connect lets you create your very own projects.    

Why Use Conrad Connect?

Homematic IP products are compatible with our platform which opens up a whole new world of smart home experience. Use Homematic IP to interconnect your fav smart devices, apps and services from different brands, thereby increasing number of automation options available for your workplace. Besides, you also gain access to some really nifty smart home solutions offered on our Service Marketplace.  

Homematic IP Smart Home Automation

Compatible Devices


Homematic IP Window and Door Contact

Homematic window and door contacts don’t just guard the access points to your home. As part of the Homematic IP smart home system, they also turn the heating down when you are airing rooms, and make sure you know right away that someone’s entered your home when you are out and about.  

shutter actuator for brand switches

Homematic IP Universal Blinds Actuator

Homematic’s blind actuator is compatible with a wide range of switches and enables automated operation of blinds, shutters and awnings. The device allows multi-day settings that can also be centred around sunset and sunrises at the time of the year. The actuator is suitable for most common dry-lining flush-fit boxes. It comes with a range of adapters that allow using the product together with switches from all leading brands. Also means replacing existing switches is not required.    


Homematic IP Alarm Sounder

The Homematic IP Alarm Sounder generates a whopping 90dB SPL, enough to scare off even the most hardened home intruder. And it comes with a set of other really useful features, such as two bright LEDs that manage to catch anyone’s attention, and alarm tones selectable from a range of options. As the indoor sounder operates wireless it can be placed wherever needed.   


Homematic IP Smart Mains Plug

Homematic’s smart plugs enable automation of electrical appliances via multi-day timer programs. Naturally, you can also manually change the settings remotely if you wish. In order to do so, plug the smart device in a mains outlet, add it to the Homematic IP system, and use it to operate heater, table lights, floor-standing lamps and any other electrical household utensils.    


Homematic IP Indoor Motion Detector + Light Sensor

Homematic’s small and unobtrusive detector/sensor combo registers both movement and changes in ambient light. Which means that if you use the app to interconnect it to other Homematic smart products, it works just well as part of an alarm system as it does for turning on and off the lights depending on the time of the day. 


Homematic IP Thermostatic Radiator Valve

Homematic’s thermostatic radiator valves (TRVs) help you save energy. The TVRs replace traditional valves and reduce energy consumption by up to 30 percent. And what’s more, fitting the smart TRVs is easy and doesn’t require tinkering with your central heating system. Once in place, room temperatures can be set manually on the valve as well as remotely via a Homematic wall thermostat, or by using a smartphone app.