Honeywell Home

Take comfort in your Honeywell Home connected house

Honeywell Home evohome products help make your home safer, smarter and more comfortable than ever – making it easy for you to stay in control, whether at home or away.

Compatible Devices

Honeywell Home Lyric Thermostat

Honeywell Home Thermostat

This thermostat is a smart device that can be placed anywhere due to its desk support. You just need a power socket nearby. 
Together with the thermostat, there is a control center where both communicate by wireless radio. 

Honeywell Home evohome Radiator Controller

Honeywell Home evohome Radiator Controller

The evohome Radiator Controllers are extremely sophisticated and have the ability to sense when a window is opened and how long the room takes to reach a set parameter. This allows the evohome controller to understand exactly when to turn the heating on or off to optimise energy efficiency.

Honeywell evohome Controller

Honeywell Home evohome Controller

The evohome Controller has an easy to navigate backlit colour LCD screen and the ability to be independently time and temperature controlled up to six times per day It has a choice of idle screens and a day and night mode that can be manually selected or can be set to change automatically.