IFTTT Smart Home Automation

Online Service Automation Applets

The acronym IFTTT stands for If This Then That. IFTTT is a web-based service that lets you create chains of conditional statements, called applets. These applets come in handy if you’ve signed up to multiple social networking sites, and keeping an active profile on all of them  becomes increasingly time-consuming. For instance, applets automatically post a status message, or even text you,  as soon as someone mentions you on Facebook. And whenever you put a pic on Instagram, IFTTT makes sure that it’s also shared on your Twitter account, or on any other platform of your choice, at the same time.      

Why Use Conrad Connect?

Using IFTTT in your Conrad Connect projects allows creating an infinite number of high-level automated routines making your worklife even smarter. Combine the 3.000+ devices and services available on our platform with IFTTT and take automating your workplace to the next level! 

IFTTT Smart Home Automation

IFTTT – Automate Daily Tasks 

Maintaining an active presence across various social media sites usually means dealing with a number  of individual accounts to post the same picture or video clip which can take up a lot of your time. Not really ideal for businesses, professionals, influencers as well as Mr and Mrs Average, who normally just want to get on with things. This is where the IFTTT app comes in, interlinking different social media accounts. And that’s by no means all this service does. IFTTT also operates complex automation systems, based on simple IF THEN conditional statements stretching back to the days of BASIC being the most commonly used programming language around. Goes without saying that you don’t need to know your way around programming applets to utilize the service: IFTTT comes with a large catalogue of presets and templates that allow interconnect devices or media accounts and execute a huge variety of different automated routines. 

Linking your Instagram account to Dropbox enables automated transfer of images and videos. And for those who create content for a living, why not use WordPress to write e.g. different versions of a match report, each featuring a different winner, and automatically post the one that mirrors the actual result immediately after the final whistle? Moreover IFTT also allows you to set-up and  operate automation systems via our platform.