Meet better with the award-winning solution 

Joan is a solution for managing office spaces and showcasing the information where you need it the most - at the meeting room doors. Its advanced e ink technology enables an extremely long battery life. It lasts up to a year on a single charge. Joan comes with a magnetic mount and can be installed in a matter of seconds. Without any wires, cords, and drilling. Simply stick it to the wall and it’s ready to go. The solution integrates with all the major calendars and your favorite apps (Slack, MS Teams, Cisco Webex Teams, and Amazon Alexa). You can book a room with a calendar, ask Joanbot to do it for you or simply walk up to the meeting room and book it on the spot. The status of the room changes in real-time, giving no space for any confusion on the availability of the room. Create your own projects by adding Joan to Conrad Connect.