Smart fridges and freezers

For more than 60 years Liebherr has been developing and producing fridges and freezers to satisfy a wide range of customer requirements. The portfolio extends from fridge-freezers, via traditional freezers through to the very latest built-in appliances. For lovers of wine and cigars, Liebherr is also the ideal partner for the safe storage of premium products. The companies focus is not only on a classic design but also the latest trends. Liebherr has more than 120 smart fridges and freezers and, thanks to the SmartDevice app, these can be operated from anywhere - for greater everyday convenience. Also, the devices can be integrated and automated in Conrad Connect projects.

Compatible Devices


Liebherr SmartDevice freezer

The SuperCool function ensures rapid freezing in a way that preserves vitamins. Activate this function while you're on the move. This allows you to store your food at an ideal temperature.

Liebherr-SmartDevice built-in-fridge

Liebherr SmartDevice built-in fridge

Benefit from a range of functions such as the SuperCool or SuperFrost function. Built-in appliances by Liebherr can be integrated simply and easily in your smart home.


Liebherr SmartDevice fridge-freezers

Simply integrate your Liebherr-SmartDevice fridge-freezer in your smart home and activate e.g. the SuperCool function when you're not home. This enables you to store your food at optimum temperatures straight after purchasing.