Mediola Smart Home Automation

Turns each Company into a Smart office

Mediola’s software, gateways and apps help you turn your office into a smart office. Use one simple app to rule them all: no more hassle with different manufacturers and the resulting compatibility or protocol issues. Benefit from our all-in-one package, interconnecting more than 3000 smart devices from over 130 brands, with more brands and products being added as we speak. Let your smart office do all the work, and use the NEO Plugin Automation Manager to execute sophisticated automated routines, and that across different platforms. Don’t worry, the highly intuitive drag-and-drop editor makes the set-up as easy as pie.   

Why Use Conrad Connect?

Mediola is compatible with our platform, offering a vast variety of smart office control options. For instance, use WatsApp or Viber to operate and manage your smart devices, apps and services. Or sign up for one of our own premium services such as Fresh Energy. 

Mediola Smart Home Automation

Compatible Devices



Both tools help you set up home automation projects that fit your circumstances like a glove. AIO CREATOR NEO smart home software allows you to create your very own app that enables you to operate and manage more than 3000 devices from wherever you are.

And the built-in NEO App Designer lets you choose how you want your smart home remote control panel to look like.

The app designer tool comes with a variety of design templates that make choosing a personal layout a piece of cake. Devices from different brands interconnect either using AIO CREATOR NEO plug-ins, or via mediola AIO gateway. 

In this context, the mediola AIO GATWAY enables hooking up products that aren’t smart devices but come with a remote control option, as well as items that communicate via Homematic IP, Z-Wave, Zigbee and EnOcean communication standards.

Moreover, the NEO Plugin Automation Manager allows you to set up automation projects involving devices form different brands that are interconnected via AIO CREATOR NEO. The tool features an easy-to-use drag-and-drop editor that makes defining complex routines totally easy. More experience users may use the JavaScript editor to come up with their automation frameworks.  

Also, you can sign up for mediola’s cloud services if you wish which gives you access to a range of cloud-based solutions and enables smart home voice control via Amazon Alexa or Google Home.