Nuki Smart Home Automation

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Nuki’s electronic lock automatically unlocks your door when you get to your workplace and closes safely when you leave. Your smartphone simply remains in your pocket! 

Why use Conrad Connect?

Nuki locks are compatible with our platform, allowing you to set up smart protection measures. For instance, you can interconnect the locks to other smart security products boosting the safety of your home.  Moreover, the option to remotely unlocking the door allows e.g. emergency services to quickly access your property in the case of smart sensors having detected a fire or a water leak.    

Nuki Smart Home Automation

Compatible Devices


Nuki Smart Lock

The Nuki Smart Lock turns your smartphone into an intelligent key. It opens the door for you when you get home and locks it again when you leave. Thanks to the new door sensor, you will always know for sure whether the door is also actually closed.