Pushover Smart Home Automation

Staying Up-to-Date. Always. 

Everyone knows push notifications, popping up on your phone and other mobile devices. Love’m or hate’m, they do serve a purpose. Push notifications make sense if you need to make sure your message gets to the intended recipient, or if you want to stay in the loop. And that’s what Pushover, a paid service, specialises in: getting the message across, and that to any mobile Android or iOS device.

Why Use Conrad Connect?

Pushover enables using push notification as part of your Conrad Connect projects, keeping you up-to-date at all times. Receive a message as soon as one of your project goals has been reached, or if an alarm sensor goes off. Means you always know what’s going on at work – even when you are out and about.


Pushover Smart Home Automation

What Pushover Does

Using the service requires purchasing a one-off licence app available from Google Play and App Store. Pushover enables sending important notifications to all types of mobile devices. Sent notifications can be prioritized according to subject: if the matter isn’t that urgent, notification doesn’t require any particular action from the recipient. However, in the case of a pressing issue, recipients need to confirm that the message has been read. Using Pushover to sent out messages within split seconds to one or multiple Android or iOS devices and asking for a confirmation makes especially sense in the case of an emergency, such as fire alarms going off at work, or when working in Finance and need to stay on top of stock indices and other business news that may impact forex or stock markets. Means Pushover basically covers the same range of services also provided by Google Cloud Messaging or Apple Push Notification.

Pushover offers an app that allows you to receive notifications across a variety of devices including desktop PCs. If you want to use the service all you need to do is sign up. Afterwards you’ll get a 30-digit key that enables you to send out notifications. Pushover allows setting up user groups means any notifications will be received by all members of a groups. Moreover, keep in mind that Pushover is an open service, unlike Apple and Google who require registering their apps to prevent misuse or fraud. Pushover makes generating notifications easy also including the option to create messages by email.