Slack Smart Home Automation

Your Hub For Teamwork

Making communication among team members efficient is an ongoing issue faced by businesses at home and abroad. This includes compatibility issues between different tools required to complete the task, and problems trying to access information or data using a different service provider. Slack is a set of cloud-based communication tools that make collaboration on and across different organisational levels easier and more transparent.     

Why Use Conrad Connect?

Turn your workplace into a smart office. Create a Conrad Connect project that automatically notifies all team members when indoor climate conditions, such as air quality, noise levels and room temperature drop below or exceed the agreed preset levels. This enable everyone on the team to take necessary actions, such as opening a window and letting some fresh air in. Moreover, you can use the chat to clue everyone in the latest weather forecast to ensure your office mates make it into work safely and in time.  

Slack Smart Home Automation

How Slack Helps Teams Doing Their Work

At first glance Slack looks just like any other in-house chat service. However, what makes Slack stand out from the crowd are its features and GUIs. Slack facilitates the collaboration between teams by enabling communication on different channels. Moreover, embedding other services  such as Dropbox or Twitter makes team interaction much more transparent. And, unlike other communication tools, Slack comes with a nifty search function that allows users to find and follow–up past posts, threads or topics.

Slack channels look and operate like ordinary chat rooms. However, there’s a one-to-one chat option. Plus Slack allows showing images in and attaching  files to any post or thread, with all team members being able to comment.  The accurate and quick search function isn’t just limited to Slack but also works with posts and threads on other platforms as long as they are interconnected to Slack using the respective tools. The free version already comes with a range of useful functions, including a guesting option that allows people not on the team to join in. Signing up for Slack’s full fat premium version makes sense for large companies and highly complex projects, allowing you to choose from a range of packages tailored to your individual business needs.