SpotCam Smart Home Automation

Protect What You Care For. Anywhere. All the Time. 

Founded in 2013 and based in Tapei, Taiwan, SpotCam is a relatively new company specialising in smart CCTV products that help people feel safer and more comfortable in their homes.

SpotCam surveillance cameras cater for a wide range of uses. The company’s product line includes robust industrial-type outdoor cameras as well as small PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) models for inside and outside use on buildings. All cameras come with a variety of features, such as 720p HD or 1080p Full HD resolution, an ultra-large field of view, and built-in infrared emitters. Moreover, SpotCam’s cloud services allow advance video analysis involving motion detection, noise detection and event recognition.       

Why Use Conrad Connect?

Our platform supports SpotCam products, allowing you to create and put advanced security measures in place, to protect your property and assets. For instance, use one single platform to operate smart security devices from different brands, including cameras, motion detectors, building alarms and lights, and set-up automated security programme routines incorporating products from across the board. 

SpotCam Smart Home Automation

Compatible Devices

SpotCam HD Eva

SpotCam HD Eva

As SpotCam’s HD Eva allows both mobile app and browser based operation, changing the field of view isn’t a big deal and can be done from anywhere on the planet. As soon as you’ve set up the camera, the only thing required is an internet connection to stream camera live footage to a mobile device or a laptop, or to replay recordings.     

Pan and tilt with SpotCam HD Eva

SpotCam FHD Pro/SpotCam Sense Pro

Both products feature the entire set of functions you get in their stable mates FHD and Sense, however, do also come with a IP65 rating (water- and dustproofness) which makes them suitable for outdoor use. Unlike other brands, SpotCam offers free cloud-based full-time recording (incl. storage) and an optional  Video AI service that enables cameras to detect out-of-the-ordinary events and notify you by text message or email, if necessary.    

SpotCam Sense

SpotCam FHD/SpotCam Sense

FHD and Sense are high-definition W-Fi cameras featuring 2-way audio and night vision. Suitable for your home, business premises and basically anything else you want to use them for. Unlike similar products from other brands, FHD and Sense allow free cloud-based full-time recording and come with a Video AI option. Moreover, these HD cameras spare you all the hassle involved in installing a complex CCTV system. In short, it has never been easier to protect what’s important to you.