Spotify Smart Home Automation

The World’s No.1 Music Streaming Service

Spotify, one of the most successful music streaming services has been around for a while. And the business model is as simple as it is ingenious: no need to buy entire CDs or compilers,  music, just pick the tracks you want and stream them off the interwebs. Also no need to sit through looped playlists as when listening to commercial radio either: use songs you like to create your own playlists. Spotify offers a range of free or premium accounts, including some really great deals for family members and students.

Why Use Conrad Connect?

Using Spotify over our platform opens up a wide range of uses. Auto-stream music from Spotify to simulate home occupancy as soon as someone’s on your doorstep, to deter intruders. Allow Spotify to stop the music as soon as the air quality drops below a certain level, to indicate it’s time to open the windows and let some fresh air in. Tell Spotify to turn down the volume as soon your little one isn’t happily sleeping in her room. The possibilities are endless.     

Spotify Smart Home Automation

Spotify Is Where It’s At.

The high data transfer rates of today’s mobile internet allow users to access music from wherever they are. Gone are the days when you had to store entire song libraries on each and every portable devices you were using. Today, it’s installing an app, access your Spotify account and select your favourite tracks or playlists on whatever mobile device youcan get your hand on. Moreover, Spotify comes with a range of functions that make the listening experience even more enjoyable, including recommendations based on your listening habits, and syncing your account with friends and family (i.e. via Facebook) to check out what’s hot at the moment and what’s not. 

Spotify really likes to keep things user-friendly. Means the app and its GUIs look similar on all types of mobile devices including Smartwatches, laptops tablets, smartphones, which makes selecting and streaming audio tracks totally intuitive. And for all those who stick with trad PCs placed on a desk there’s a non-browser based version of the app. naturally, you can also log in to you account via standard web interface. Downloading and listening to music offline is also an option that comes in handy when you don’t get any bars or don’t want to exceed your mobile phone data allowance. However, the number of tracks you can download – or, whether you can indeed download tracks – depends on the type of subscription you’ve chosen.