Tapkey Smart Home Automation

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Access Control Made Easy. From Wherever You Are

Lost keys are a thing of the past. Because Tapkey’s virtual keys are stored on your smartphone and go wherever you go. The Tapkey app allowes you to manage who gets access to your premises, and when. We are a leading platform for phone-based access control solutions offering a wide range of smart locks. All our products support both Android and iOS phones. Whether we are talking main entrances, pollards, barriers or safe boxes, we’ve got the lock you’re looking for.      

Why Use Conrad Connect?

Tapkey products come with Conrad Coneect compatibility and enable smart access control of worplaces and office buildings. Interconnecting home automation products and Tapkey devices opens up a world of smart possibilities, such as combining access to office space with automated room climate control. 

Tapkey Smart Home Automation

Compatible Devices


NFC Transponders

Smartphone keys together with NFC transponders make for perfect access control systems. Our transponders are available as tags, cards or wrist straps. None of them requires batteries. If you’ve got a NFC-enabled phone you can use it to program the tags and cards with access codes. Moreover, both tags and cards can be added to keyrings. Or just keep them in your wallet. 



The padlock protects gates, and the content of safe boxes, toolboxes and containers against theft. This heavy-duty lock doesn’t require physical keys or number combinations. As it is Bluetooth and NFC enabled, you can use your mobile phone to disengage the lock. Moreover, this padlock also tells you who has gained access where and when, by logging the information in the Tapkey app.   

Tapkey Smart Lock

Smart Locks

Smart locks are THE most important devices of any smart home. Fitting is pretty straight forward. You can do it yourself and it takes about three minutes. Electronic pin tumblers make our day to day life much easier. Smart locks can be set up individually, are designed to fit almost any door, and are quality products made in Germany. The Tapkey app allows easy and flexible access control and management: you decide who among your family members, friends, visitors, or hired contractors gets access to your place and when they are able to enter the premises. Goes without saying that access may be revoked at any time using the app.