Trust Smart Home - Control Your Office

With Trust Smart Home you will be able to control your office with just an internet connection. Experience the comfort of control of for example your lights or switches from everywhere you want. Set up different scenarios and timers to automate your lights. Or monitor everything with sensors spread throughout your office.

Why Use Conrad Connect?

Our platform supports Trust products, boosting the number of smart applications available to you.  Why not using your local weather forecast to smarten up your office automation projects even further? Like using Trust’s wireless shutter switch to automatically open the blinds in the morning, and closing them again in the evening, or during the day if the weather turns nasty?

Trust Smart Home and Conrad Connect

Compatible Devices


Trust AC-200 Wireless Dimmer Switch

Trust’s AC-200 dimmer switch allows both reducing the light brightness and operating smart devices.  Plug & Go makes setting up things a piece of cake. The AC-200 is able to communicate with a maximum of 6 transmitters at the same time, which gives you plenty of options and choices. 


Trust ZLED-RGB9 LED Light Bulb

Choose from a huge selection of light colours to create the home mood lighting you want. And the ZLED-RGB-9 bulb is more than suitable for the job – whether it’s cold white light for reading and getting some work done, or warm white for a more relaxing ambience. Fitting the bulb is easy and straightforward, any standard E27 socket will do. The product generates about 800 lumens and lasts over 20.000 hours. Moreover, the bulb is dimmable to 10 percent allowing you to adjust light brightness according to your needs. 


Trust ALED-2709 LED Light Bulb

This wireless LED light bulb comes with an A+ energy rating means you save money on your utility bills. The product fits in any standard E27 holder, emits warm light hence contributes to a comfy ambience at home. The bulb produces a massive 806 lumens and is good for more 20.000 service hours before reaching the end of its life. What’s more, the bulb is dimmable down to 10 percent, means you don’t need to hook up an extra dimmer to select the brightness you want.


Trust ACM-100 Wireless Dimmer Switch

Trust’s ACM-100 wireless dimmer is compatible with common dimmable LED, halogen or incandescent light bulbs and communicates with up to 6 transmitters at the same time. Fitting the product is easy and does not require any cutting or wiring work. So it comes as no surprise whatsoever that the ACM-100 goes down well with consumers from across the board.


Trust ACM-3500-3 Wireless Switch

The ACM-3500-3 features three separate switches that operate three different lights, giving you plenty of options. The product is suitable for electrical appliances with power ratings of up to 3500 W. Fitting the switch is remarkably easy and does not require any cutting or electrical wiring.


Trust ASUN-650 Wireless Shutter Switch

Trust’s ASUN-650 switch allows the wireless operation of electric roller shutters, screens, blinds and curtains. The product is suitable for any electric motors with power ratings not exceeding 500 W, including 230 V AC and 12/24 V DC as well as stepper motors. Moreover, the ASUN-650 is able to communicate with up to 6 transmitters at the same time.


Trust ACM-1000 Wireless Switch

Trust’s ACM-1000 wireless switch is compatible with electrical appliances with power ratings of up to 1000 W. The switch constitutes a cost-effective solution for operating a wide range of devices, being able to communicate with a total of six transmitters at the same time. Setting up the product does not require any cutting or electrical working.