Twitter Smart Home Automation

Online News & Social Networking Service

Twitter is an US-based online news-bites service that shares some of the traits of social networks. A 280-character message (aka tweet) limit with file attachment option goes a long way. Founded in 2006, this quirky real-time news service quickly took off, being used by almost 1.5bn users in 2018. In 2010, the company also enabled posting images and video clips on user timelines.      

Why Use Conrad Connect?

Conrad Connect’s easy Twitter connectivity allows you to receive status alerts from your smart automation system. Keeping you on top of what happens at your workplace. For instance, get a tweet whenever an alarm sensor goes off, or as soon as an automated user-defined process has been successfully completed.       

Twitter Smart Home Automation

What can Twitter do? 

You can decide who can read your tweets, either by making them public or by limiting visibility to your followers. Also, you can both receive and send direct messages, however who’s allowed message you is up to you. Increasing the number of your followers likes and retweets. Hash tags (#) preceding terms and phrases enable a keyword-based search which tends to turn Twitter into the world’s No.1 real time news medium when really big stuff goes down somewhere. Goes without saying that you can delete you own tweets any time you like. So can the site administrators. These days, exporting your timeline content and choosing a suitable file format  isn’t a big deal anymore. About half of all registered users are followers on Twitter and don’t post any content themselves.

Twitter has been the medium of choice of politicians, artists, athletes, celebs, media personalities, influencers, companies, brands, NGOs and educational institutions when it comes to news, statements and self-promotion.  Twitter’s verified accounts include, among many others, twitter-addict Donald Trump, writer and actor Steven Fry, singer Rihanna as well as a myriad of organisations, political parties and civil movements. Twitter users are predominantly adults, to whom Twitter’s constant digested omniscient RT stream of news and comments appeals the most.