WiZ Smart Home Automation

Connected Lights For Your Home

Home automation offers a plethora of possibilities. WiZ’s smart plug-and-play light bulbs get you the lighting you want supporting a range of functions including timers and individual colour selections. Adjust your light settings via smartphone app and voice-control, or automate the entire set-up to suit your daily or weekly routine. WiZ smart bulbs operate using Wi-Fi-based cloud connectivity, means no extra gateways, hubs or bridges required. 

Why Use Conrad Connect?

All WiZ products are compatible with our platform, means possibilities galore when it comes to smart lighting solutions. For instance, linking your WiZ bulbs to a motion detector, Amazon Alexa or Google Home allows you turning on the light automatically, just like when using a smart remote. Also, what about switching on the lights in the morning, receiving a Good Morning text message and the TV switches on? Moreover, home automation isn’t just limited to indoors, it also creates the appropriate atmosphere for weekend nights spent in your garden.      

WiZ Smart Home Automation

Compatible Devices

WiZ Colors und Whites LED Flex

WiZ Colors und Whites LED Flex

1600 lumens make WiZ LED Flex products the perfect choice for backlighting bookshelves, cabinets, cupboards and other furniture items. Flex lighting standard length is 2 metres, with the option to expand the strips to a total of 8 metres, or cut them down to the length needed using a pair of scissors. The product’s flexibility rivals that of a copper wire - bend it in any shape you want, including around corners. Suitable for both home use or sales floor displays, producing one out of a possible 16 million RGB colours, or 64.000 shades of white.    

WiZ Spirit Tischlampe

WiZ Spirit Table Lamp

Spirit is a really stylish decorative LED table lamp that emits a soft light. Use the 810 lumen daylight settings to brighten up your day. Switch to the mood lighting option when chilling out at home after work, or looking for an accent colour to perfect your dinner party lighting. Choose from 16 million colours and 64.000 shades of white to create the right atmosphere for any occasion.   

WiZ Quest Projektor

WiZ Quest Projector

Quest is a 710 lumen light projector that lets you liven up monotonous backgrounds. It comes with a swivel head that allows you to change beam direction, illuminating furniture, shelves and walls. Choose from multiple shades of white ranging from cool to warm,  and from a wide spectrum of vivid colours. The product is available in matte white and matte black.   

WiZ Hero Tischlampe

WiZ Hero Table Lamp

Hero is a versatile lamp that looks great on bedside and console tables alike. Wake up to a simulation of a natural sunrise in the morning, stimulate your biorhythm using different shades of cool and warm white to help you focus or relax. Hero’s 610 lumens are sufficient for both working and reading. Moreover, choose from different lighting presets such as Ocean or Forest to chill out. Available in white or polished wood looks.   

 WiZ Adjustable Whites LED-Leuchten

WiZ Adjustable Whites LED Light Bulbs

The WiZ Adjustable White product line includes Besides Globe, the brightest WiZ bulb that comes with a E27 base, the WiZ Adjustable White product line includes a wide selection of other products suitable for standard E27/B22, mini (E14) and subminiature (GU10) bulb holders. Replace your current bulbs with WiZ smart LED bulbs and choose between 64.000 shades of cool and warm white.     

 WiZ Colors and Whites LED-Leuchten

WiZ Colour & White LED Bulbs

WiZ  supplies light bulbs that produce a vast number of colours, including the 1550-lumen E27 Globe. Other products are designed for E27/B22 sockets, E14 mini sockets and GU10 recessed and spotlight holders. Replace your incandescent lamps with dimmable WiZ smart LED bulbs and choose between 64.000 shades of cool and warm white.