Yeelight makes you see the world in a new light

Yeelight is the world-leading smart lighting brand, combining smart interaction, distinctive design and healthy lighting experience. The company continues to redefine high standards in the lighting industry and excite with a large portfolio of smart home lighting products, including bulbs, ceiling lights, desk lamps and ambience lighting. Yeelight works relentlessly to integrate cutting-edge technology and professional optical research into their products, winning international awards such as the iF design award, the reddot award, the iF gold design award, the Good Design award and the IDEA design award. All lamps and luminaires are Wi-Fi enabled and support voice control so they can be controlled via an app and all popular voice assistants as well as integrated into Conrad Connect projects.

Compatible Devices


Yeelight Serene Eye-friendly Lamp Pro

Serene Pro has no direct glare when in its standard position, excellent colour rendering quality, and passes the strobe test with a risk-free IEEE Std 1789 standard. Through the colour temperature from the Kruithof curve, the light meets the principles of visual health in the metrics of the spectrum and light distribution. Serene Pro uses the cutting-edge SunLike technology, creating a light that is very similar to natural daylight, which limits the amount of harmful blue light and protects the eyes. As an RG0 test proved the desk lamp had no retinal blue light hazard, Serene Pro received complete certification from German TÜV Rheinland. The patented technology creates a flexible desk lamp for all heights. The desk lamp’s smart timer feature gently reminds the child to take a break to prevent damage to the eyes. Using 88 SunLike light beads, Serene Pro emits light onto the surface that spreads evenly. Serene Pro guarantees brightness while avoiding glares and other complications. Whether it is a book in front of the child or an album on the table, it can be evenly illuminated. Using either the Mi Home App or Yeelight App, you can control the lamp through your phone or easily integrate the light in your Conrad Connect projects.


Yeelight Lightstrip Plus

Aurora can be used to add tasteful accents throughout your home, including your dining room, bedroom, kitchen, patio, and living room. They're especially great for adding décor for holidays, parties, and other events. Create customized lighting scenes, program interactive effects, and even synchronize lights to your music. Use Aurora to suit your mood throughout the day - adjust the brightness, colour temperature, and select among 16 million colours. Aurora is flexible to fit into any place of your home. Simply measure your space, cut the light strips to length, and stick into place - and easily extend their reach up to 10m with Yeelight Aurora Extension strips (1m). Easily automate multiple Aurora throughout your home with smart group controls, timers, brightness and colour temperature adjustment, and integrate them in smart Conrad Connect projects or control anytime them with the Yeelight smartphone app. Also, the Yeelight Aurora works with your favourite smart home platforms like Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Apple HomeKit.


Yeelight Smart LED bulb 1S (color)

Each Yeelight Smart Bulb has built-in Wi-Fi with no hub required. Just screw it in, tap in the app or use your home assistant, and enjoy the stunning lighting effects. Create customized lighting scenes for your moments at home, program interactive effects for friends get-together, and even synchronize your lights to music. Use your Yeelight bulb to suit your mood throughout the day - adjust the brightness, colour temperature, and select among millions of colours. Using just 8.5 watts, with an estimated lifespan of 22 years, the Yeelight Smart Bulb allows you to save energy and money while enhancing the beauty and functionality of your home. Easily automate multiple Yeelight bulbs throughout your home with smart group controls, timers, brightness and colour temperature adjustment, and can be easily controlled anytime, anywhere with the Yeelight smartphone app or with smart Conrad Connect projects.