Compatible Brands via Partner Solutions of Conrad Connect

Connect even more products with Conrad Connect

There are more and more products on the smart home market. Many of them are already usable directly via Conrad Connect. In addition to them, we enable you to use numerous products that can be easily connected via our partner solutions. Find out here what they are!

Compatible Brands of Conrad Connect Smart Home Automation

How to connect your device?

1. Not signed up yet?

Sign up here and log into the Conrad Connect platform.

2. Add your smart devices to the platform

Go to the category 'Devices & Services'. Then click on the brand in this area which your device would work via (see list below) and follow the instructions to connect your device to the platform.

Please note: In all places of the platform the connected devices are then shown using the logo of the brand which they are working via.

Device brands that work via partner solutions


BrandWorking via:
AEGWiZ Connected
ATOMWiZ Connected
BrilliantWiZ Connected
EstoWiZ Connected
Fischer & HonselWiZ Connected
iDualWiZ Connected
IkeaPhilips Hue Bridge
LUTECWiZ Connected
Paul NeuhausPhilips Hue Bridge
SensativeZipato + X
SilverCrestHomematic IP
SLVWiZ Connected
TintPhilips Hue Bridge
Trio LeuchtenWiZ Connected
TrustPhilips Hue Bridge
weSmartifyHomematic IP
WofiWiZ Connected
zigbee productsZipato + X
Z-Wave productsZipato + X


In case you have questions, please have a look at our help center or contact our support: