Smart customer flow management for your business
customer flow management

Smart customer flow management for your business

✓ Automatic customer counting
✓ Easy setup
✓ Affordable and efficient

With Conrad Connect you keep the customer flow under control

Maximum security and flexibility

Right now it is more important than ever to control the flow of customers inside your business. Thanks to our solution, you can count incoming and outgoing people - without any cameras. This way you comply with legal requirements and guarantee data protection.

  • Supermarkets
  • Shopping centers
  • Hardware stores
  • Public buildings
  • And many more…

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Automatic people counting thanks to innovative technology

The digital doorman is based on a sensor that counts incoming and outgoing persons and a receiver for operation in the LoRaWAN network. LoRA stands for "Long Range", which means connections over long distances. LoRaWAN reaches locations that cannot be reached by mobile radio. The sensors measure the movement of people and send the data encrypted to the receiver integration of Smart City Solutions. This in turn sends the data to the Conrad Connect platform, which evaluates and visualizes the data. For example on large screens at the entrance. If necessary, the Conrad Connect platform denies entry.

Individual visualization and flexible reporting

Turn your sensor data into meaningful visualizations and decide how you want to regulate your visitor flow. You can use the appropriate templates from Conrad Connect or design custom graphics for your customers to suit your business and visualization device. With our mobile-optimized user interface, you can easily analyze, evaluate and manage your data. You can synchronize your data with other IT systems via our API interface.


A clear traffic light display for your needs

In your personal widget, you can set the number of customers yourself and adjust it later. Share the traffic light display with your employees and everyone who needs to know who is in the store at any given time. You can also easily change the counting direction of the sensor.





How can you count customers efficiently? Simply with Conrad Connect's digital doorman.

With our solution, you can count in and outgoing persons - without cameras. So you comply with legal requirements and guarantee data protection.


Are you looking for a simple solution for smaller businesses?

Use a simple traffic light control system for easily and conveniently regulating the flow of visitors from your shop counter.


Your benefits at a glance

Einfache Installation


Easy installation


With the plug and play installation, you can get started in just a few minutes - without prior technical knowledge.

Hohe Sicherheit


High security


Thanks to counting technology, it is possible to comply with legal requirements and to ensure the protection of employees and customers.



Low cost


The radio sensors used are battery operated and do not require a data connection - making them cost-effective and energy-saving.

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Customer counting starter set

1 x Customer counting sensor - Infrared

1 x LoRa gateway 

12 month Conrad Connect Professional

Pre-Order price: 1250 €

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"With the digital doorman we can easily comply with the official restrictions from authorities. The digital traffic light is also well received by customers in our store."

Jochen Maedler, Director of Retail
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With Conrad Connect Professional you choose Germany's leading IoT portal from Conrad.

Your safety is a top priority

The protection of your data is particularly important to us. With Conrad Connect Professional you have full control over your data.

✓   100% GDPR-compliant
✓   Latest SSL-Encryption
✓   Highest security Servers located in Western Europe

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