All your data at a glance


Have you connected your devices, apps and services with Conrad Connect? Our platform enables visualizing and utilizing the data in a much better way to help you or your business. With the customizable Conrad Connect dashboards, you can make this valuable information visible and keep an eye on everything thanks to real-time monitoring.


New features for the dashboard are available!


Our latest feature release will bring the data visualization of your business or smart Home to the next level. Here is what’s new at a glance:

✓ New Dashboard management
✓ A new data comparison widget
✓ Flexible widget resizing
✓ And many more…


Decrypt your IoT data


Whether as a thermometer, diagram or traffic light display - with Conrad Connect you can display your data the way you want and need it. Decide how you want your display to look. You are a school-caretaker and want to see on one display how the temperature of all classrooms is? Or you rent out a holiday home and want to know if all windows are closed after your holiday guests checked out? Get all these findings and many more clearly displayed with our visualization tools:

✓ Energy consumption - like Thermostat display
✓ Security - like on/off action buttons of your equipment, doors or windows
✓ Condition monitoring - like chronological order of your machine measurement data
✓ Building automation - like thematic sorting of window, ventilation, electricity or air conditioning
✓ Health - like step indication or heart rate monitor
✓ And many more

Custom Dashboards for maximum flexibility



Free combination

Combine your widgets as you need them: Either from just one or from many different sources.



Customize presentation

Customize the color scheme of your widgets to separate areas more clearly and capture insights faster.



Share dashboards

Individual widgets or entire dashboards can be shared quite comfortably via link with your colleagues, service providers or customers.

Advanced IoT monitoring
thanks to interactive room planner


Our room planner service interactively visualizes your office and business premises. Know what's going on at a glance: In real-time, you can monitor the location and sensor status of all installed IoT devices on a single dashboard. Simply upload your floor plan, place your smart devices in the right place and you're ready to go.


The practical IoT monitoring is perfectly suited for monitoring and facility management. Do you as an office manager want to know whether the air conditioning systems are running properly or as an IT expert want to know whether the temperature in the server room is alright? Which contact sensor reports an open window? Where is the smoke detector whose battery needs to be replaced? You no longer need to ask these questions.

Get more out of your data


Do you want to analyze older data or compare it with a new one? Then you can simply export your data to Google Sheets. There you can run a deeper analysis. In this blog post, we summarize how you can link your Google Sheets account with Conrad Connect and then integrate it into your own projects.