Improving your customer experience with IoT




Providing your clients with the added value they deserve is what differentiates you from the competition. With Conrad Connect, you can take your energy related offers and services to the next level while profiting from IoT. This way, you can increase customer loyalty and satisfaction.


Create the future of energy services

No matter in which area of ​​energy service providers you are active, with our platform you can develop entirely new solutions for your clients. Conrad Connect provides you with all the needed tools - meaning, you don’t need to own your IoT infrastructure or hire a team of experts.


Offer smart energy management

Empower your customers with the ability to improve their energy consumption in a smart way - whether it’s for electricity or heating usage.

Offer smart energy management
Charge customers based on time


Charge customers based on time

Create disruptive business models by providing your customers with time-based energy services like charging electric cars when electricity prices are low.


Leverage condition monitoring

Whether it’s automatic meter reading or consumption history: thanks to automated monitoring and documentation, you can monitor every status in real-time and take action accordingly.

Leverage condition monitoring
Fjordkraft app


In practice at Fjordkraft

Fjordkraft ist one of Norway's leading energy service providers that recently launched an IoT-based business model that transforms the industry. We have enabled Fjordkraft to add smart features to its app that allows customers to save money by taking advantage of smart energy management across different use cases.

"Innovation creates a competitive edge. Thanks to PaaS from Conrad Connect, we delivered smart services to our app users to give them added value!"


Alf Kåre Hjartnes,
Executive Vice-President (EVP)
and Head of Technology



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Our whitepaper provides you with meaningful case studies and shares insights into how you can leverage Platform as a Service (PaaS) solutions for your business and benefit from the Internet of Things.

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Read our whitepaper on Platform as a Service

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