Limitless Connectivity

Intelligent Automation

Advanced Monitoring

Get a 1 month PREMIUM trial for free*

Interconnect your devices and apps across many brands!

Complex automations without programming!

Interconnect up to 18 sensors and actuators across many compatible brands.


Visualize your sensor readings on individual floorplans!

Alerts & Protocols

Set up individual alerts (SMS, E-Mail, Messenger) or create protocols of your sensor readings in Google Sheets.

Logical Gates

Create complex rules based on logical gates.

Advanced Features

Use delays, counters, random generators, and advanced time sensors.

Dashboards for all your sensors

Create dashboards for all your compatible sensors.

Data history

Access sensor readings from the past - either through longitudinal section diagrams or direct download.

How to cancel my subscription?

Once signed up to your account, you may cancel your subscription at any time here. If you cancel your PREMIUM subscription during the 30 days trial period, your account will be downgraded to a free STARTER package towards the end of the trial period. We confirm all cancelations by email.

What are the limits of free trial?

2 dashboards with up to 12 widgets each, 3 private projects with up to 8 elements (logical gates not being counted), max. 6 months data history, 30 text-to-speech messages for Sonos devices, 15 SMS (short messages).

Who eligible for the free trial?

*Only applies to users who upgrade an existing account or register a new account starting from here: Test Conrad Connect Premium one month for free with these limits: 2 dashboards with up to 12 widgets each, 3 private projects with up to 8 elements, max. 6 months data history, 30 text-to-speech messages, 15 SMS. You may cancel your subscription at any time here.

Unlock the full potential of your
 processes and workflows

Create unique automations
with Conrad Connect


Connect your devices, apps, and services across manufacturer boundaries and establish smart projects in no time.


Leverage ready-made project templates for your automation applications and adapt them according to your needs.


You can visualize your data on individual dashboards, share them if you wish and keep an eye on everything.

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Innovator of the year
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Customer Experience Award

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Your safety is a top priority

The protection of your data is particularly important to us. With Conrad Connect Professional you have full control over your data.

✓ 100% GDPR-compliant
✓ Latest SSL-Encryption
✓ Highest security Servers located in Western Europe

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With Conrad Connect Professional, our customers rely on Germany's leading IoT platform for smart business. As part of the Conrad Group, we develop cutting edge smart corporate solutions. We devote great importance to usability, quality and security.

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*Only applies to users who upgrade an existing account or register a new account starting from hereGet a 1 month trial for Conrad Connect Premium including these limits: 2 Dashboards for up to 12 widgets each, 3 private projects for up to 8 elements, max. 6 month data history and 15 SMS. You may cancel your subscriptions at any time before the end of the free trial.