#Lockdown projects

help others with your IoT project ideas

In these times of uncertainty, we're all looking for ways to help support each other. That's why we would like to invite all of our users to create and share smart automation ideas that can improve others’ lives around the globe.

 As this is a new world we are living in right now because of the lockdown, there are no right or wrong ideas. From personal home fitness solutions to managing your office remotely and other efficiency hacks, we are looking forward to seeing your ideas and spreading our share of knowledge in order to help others.

How can you make a difference?


  1. Create an IoT project which helps individuals at home to manage their everyday life or automate tasks in the remote office
  2. Use the #Lockdown hashtag along with the project title and publish it
  3. Spread the word about your project ideas

The top 3 public projects based on the most likes will get featured here on the 8th of December.​​​​​​

More useful projects


We’ve designed a number of project templates in order to help others make home office periods more enjoyable or remotely manage their business affairs.


1. Stay healthy and fit

project 1


Intelligent airing and heating

Control the air quality at home by properly managing heating and getting an alert when it’s time to open a window

2. Adjust your Smart home and office for a new lifestyle we all live in


Videocall. Do not disturb!

Indicate to other family members you are busy via smart bulbs and enjoy the conference calls with no interruptions

project 3


Break-in at the Office/Store

Get notified immediately when something goes wrong in the office

3. Take care of others

project 4


Emergency Button

Get notified from another person with a smart button that help is needed

It's your turn. Inspire and help the others!