What Platform as a Service means for your business


Building new infrastructure, managing IT systems, or recruiting IoT specialists for your project is time-consuming and expensive. With Conrad Connect, you don't have to transform your entire company to take advantage of IoT – you can get started within days, not months.



Focus on your products – not on IoT

We take 100% care of your IoT operations, so you can focus on what matters – great products, happy users, and a growing business.


Think big and scale without pain

Conrad Connect makes IoT solutions affordable – no matter the size of your business. We let your products scale to your ambitions.

Connect easily

Connect easily and effortlessly via API

Our PaaS API offers maximum freedom when building your own application design, while giving you normalized access to 110+ IoT vendors.

smart experiences

Create smart experiences for your customers

Offer your customer an added value by using our automation features and pre-built services.


Your UX – your look and feel

Expand your applications by adding valuable IoT features without having to change your code. The entire user experience always remains in your hand.

Take your business to the next level

Be first to market

Easily create IoT-based products and applications without having a team of IoT experts while reducing your development time to a minimum.


How we provide our platform to you




Enrich your apps and products with IoT

Do you want to empower your application or product with IoT capabilities? Using our PaaS API, you can seamlessly connect to any connected device relevant to your use case. Choose what you need from a wide range of smart services. Let us manage the complexities of the IoT ecosystem.



Leverage existing building blocks for your application 

Are you looking for a simple and scalable way to create your own IoT-enabled applications from a to z? Using our PaaS API, you can seamlessly implement smart features of your choice in no time. Choose what you need from a wide functionality range of our platform and benefit from the greatest possible flexibility. Easily develop customized smart experiences tailored to your needs.


Why to work with us?

Unlike other companies, Conrad Connect has years of hands-on IoT experience in your industry. The platform provides unique benefits for your next project

Seamless compatibility

Seamless compatibility

No matter if you use devices or services from several vendors, they all speak the same language within our platform.

Open and independent

Open and independent

Easily combine your required IoT devices from multiple vendors and change them at any time without any effort.

Expandable on-demand

Expandable on-demand

Do you need another device? Let us do the job! Our integration team connects your required vendors in no time.


Powerful features for your IoT solutions

More concretely, these features will help you reduce integration complexity and time to market.

Smart device connector

Smart device connector 

Integrate and use your existing IoT devices within seconds.


automation rule engine

Automation rule engine

Easily create automated processes to react to several situations.

abstarction layer

Abstraction layer

Utilize several device vendors, but treat them as one.

data storage and history

Data storage and history

Access and leverage real-time and historical data provided by your devices.

Advanced monitoring and visualisation

Advanced monitoring and visualisation 

Create purposeful and stylish dashboards without writing code.


Intelligent alert system

Intelligent  alert system

Notify your users via e-mail, messenger or other channels about important warnings.

Authentication and user management

Authentication and user management

Synchronize user accounts and manage who can control applications and features.


Flexible Rest-API

Control the whole Conrad Connect system entirely from your own application.


An ecosystem that amplifies your applications


An ecosystem that amplifies your applications

Unlike other platforms, Conrad Connect has years of hands-on IoT expertise and provides unique benefits for your next project. You can also extend our ecosystem yourself, adding new vendors or connecting to other platforms of your choice.


Bring your IoT service to life with our Developer Portal

The Developer Portal enables you to build your own IoT services on our platform. We provide you with the tools and infrastructure – eliminating the hardware compatibility barriers, so you can realize your ideas. Start building your own APIs and connect to other platforms with ease.

developer portal
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