Conrad Connect Privacy Policy

Protecting Your Personal Information Is Paramount to Us

We know how important the appropriate use of your personal information is to you. This is why we take the protection of our customers’ personal information very seriously. When you visit our website, we routinely collect your IP address, the URL of the page you used to access our site, the URL of any of our site’s internal pages you browse as a part of your visit, the session date and the time you spent on our site. This type of information transfer is depersonalised, and constitutes internet protocol that ensures the safe operation of our servers.

We store the details you provide when completing one of our online customer forms on our servers. We only use the information to process your request. We shall keep your personal information strictly confidential, and we will not pass on personal information to any third party.

Data protection responsibilities and accountability:
Conrad Connect GmbH
Klaus Conrad Strasse 1
92240 Hirschau

Personal Information

Personal information is any information that renders an individual identifiable. It includes among other things your name, your address, and your email address. You may browse our webpage without providing any personal or otherwise sensitive information. However, in some cases, we may ask you to provide your name, your address and other related details to ensure a timely and smooth delivery of the services requested by you.
This also applies if we send you any information explicitly requested by you, or if we reply to any enquiries made by you. We will, however, notify you accordingly. Moreover, we only store data provided by you voluntarily, or being automatically generated when using our platform. 
Whenever you use one of our services, we only collect the data necessary to deliver the service. We may ask you for further details which you may or may not provide. Also, we shall only process your personal information to deliver our services, or meet our business objectives. 

Invoices are generated and sent to us by Conrad Electronics SE as part of order processing (Art. 28 GDPR).

Automated Collection of Non-personal Data

Server Logs

Every time you visit our website, your browser automatically collects and forwards a certain type of information to our servers contained in so-called server logs.  The collected information includes:

  • time and date of the visit
  • requested page
  • referrer URL
  • result status codes (URL found, URL not found etc)
  • type and version of the browser used
  • IP address of the visitor
  • amount of bytes served

Information contained in server logs will not be not correlated to other data in order to identify you as an individual. We use the collected information to optimise features and functionality thereby fully complying with § 6(1) GDPR.
To maximise data security and to protect our servers against cyber attacks, we store server log information for a limited time only, anonymizing the data by truncating the IP address after seven days, to prevent individual users from being rendered identifiable. We use the anonymized data for producing web analysis reports, including the total number of page requests in our statistical site review released on a biannual basis. However, we do not correlate the data to other user-related information, or pass on the information to any third party.


A cookie is a little text file created on your computer when browsing our webpage. Cookies are not software. They cannot be programmed, don’t contain malware and cannot be used to obtain any other personal data. In compliance with § 6(1) GDPR, we use cookies solely to collect your IP address in order to recognise you instantly when you are visiting our website again, to improve the user-friendliness of our site. 
If you do not agree with Conrad Connect using cookies you can usually modify your browser setting to decline cookies. If you wish to do so, go to the Extras menu of your browser and select “Settings” or “Internet Options” and follow the instructions. However, declining cookies means that certain functional aspects of our webpage may no longer be available to you.    

Google Tag Manager

We use Google Tag Manager (GTM) for tracking and analytics. GTM does not collect any personal information. It is a tool that automatically updates the code snippets of tags that, in turn, may collect sensitive information. GTM does not use these data. However, even if you decline cookies or deactivate URL-based session tracking, tags managed via GTM will still be enabled. For more details, see    

DoubleClick by Google

If you have agreed to the use of cookies, we use DoubleClick, an ad serving service provided by Google Inc., 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA. DoubleClick by Google uses cookies to personalise ads. Your browser is assigned a pseudonymous ID used to track the ads that have been served to your browser, and to identify those you’ve clicked. The cookies enable Google and its partners to select and display ads based on your browsing behaviour on websites including ours. They do not collect any other personal details. The collected information will be transferred to Google’s US-based mainframe. Google fully complies with the Privacy Shield framework implemented by The European Union and the US Department of Commerce. Google does not pass on this information to any third party unless required by law, or for data processing purposes required by the client. Furthermore, the information will not be correlated in any way to any other data collected by Google. If you have agreed to the use of cookies an by using our website you agree to Google collecting and processing information to the extent and for the purposes mentioned above.
If you do not agree with Google using cookies you can modify your browser setting to decline cookies. However, declining cookies means that certain functional aspects of our webpage may no longer be available to you. Moreover, you can object to data being collected, transferred and processed by Google by downloading a browser plug-in that disables DoubleClick here. Alternatively, use the opt-out you can find under "Right to Withdraw Consent" to deactivate DoubleClick.

Google AdWords Conversion Tracking

If you have agreed to the use of cookies, this site uses ad conversion tracking services provided by Google Inc., 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA. Google uses cookies created on your computer to analyse your browsing behaviour. Conversion tracking cookies are created as a result of you clicking on one of the adverts served by Google and remain active for a time period of thirty (30) days. Cookies used for conversion tracking do not collect any personal information. If you do not agree with your browsing activities being tracked by Google, you can change your browser settings in order to block all cookies from 

If you would like to find out more about how conversion tracking works, and your options when it comes to preventing Google from using cookie-based information, check out

Google Remarketing

If you have agreed to the use of cookies, we use a remarketing tool provided by provided by Google Inc., 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA. The tool helps personalising adverts based on individual visitor preference within the Google Display Network. We use this automated service to show you products you may be interested in, with the ads chosen on the basis of your clicking behaviour when browsing our website during your most recent visit.  The service uses cookies created on your computer that help recognise you when you re-visit websites that are members of the Google Display Network. A cookie is a little text file created on your computer when browsing our webpage. Google collects your URL request, your IP address, browser type and language  as well as time and date of the visit. This information is used to identify the browser on a computer which, in turn, enables Google Display Network to pick and show ads based on content viewed on websites that also employ the remarketing tool during your previous browser session.

If you have previously agreed to your browser history and your Google account being synchronised (, and to your Google account details being used to show you personalised ads, Google’s remarketing tool will be enabled across a range of devices. This means that Google uses your Google ID to recognise you on different mobile devices, but does not collect any personal information in the process.

If you object to Google using cookies collecting data related to your use of our website, please adjust your browser settings accordingly. However, this may prevent our site from functioning properly. For more details  about how Google uses cookies, please refer to Google’s Google’s Privacy Policy

Google Analytics (Depersonalised)

If you have agreed to the use of cookies, we use Google Analytics (GA), a web stats service offered by Google Inc., 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA. Google Analytics uses cookies, i.e. little text files created on your computer that monitor your browsing behaviour on our website. The cookies collect visitor data including the date and time of your visit, where you are based, the number of times you visited our site, and your IP address, transferring the information to the Google™ mainframe based in the US. However, our site uses Google Analytics with visitor IP address anonymization (i.e. implementing the "_gat._anonymizeIp" function) in compliance with EU regulations. This means that IP addresses located in all member states of the EU will be truncated and, thus, anonymized before being transferred to the Google mainframe. Google uses the collected data to produce web analysis reports for us, and to provide additional services related to the use of websites and browsers. Google does not pass on this information to any third party unless required by law, or for data to be processed by parties contracted by Google. Also, Google stresses that, as a rule, IP addresses will not be correlated in any way to any other data that may be collected by Google. If you object to Google collecting data related to your use of our website, please adjust your browser settings accordingly. However, this may prevent our site from functioning properly.
Moreover, Google offers an Opt-out Add-on for all major browsers that allows you to limit the kind of information Google can collect when you visit a website. Basically, this add-on tells Google Analytics JavaScript (ga.js) not to transfer any visitor data to Google Analytics. However, the add-on does not prevent user data being forwarded to us, or to web stat services other than Google that we may choose to use on our site. More details about the add-on, and how to install it, are available at

If you are viewing our site on a mobile device such as a smartphone or a tablet, and if you want to prevent your browsing behaviour from being tracked by Google Analytics you need to use this link. The link also constitutes a working alternative to the above mentioned browser add-on. Clicking the link creates an opt-out cookie that specifically applies to the URL and the browser you use. Deleting the browser history also results in the cookie being deleted, means you need to click the link again to opt out of GA tracking.  
If you have agreed to Google synchronising your web and app browser history with your Google account, and  using personal data from your Google account to serve personalised ads, Google will link these data to information collected by Google Analytics in order to set up target groups for cross-device remarketing purposes.  If you visit our website, Google will collect your Google ID and hence your personal information via our Google account, followed by Google Analytics temporarily correlating your Google ID to your Google Analytics data to help us refine our target groups.
If you object to your personal information being used for cross-device marketing, log in to your Google account and change your account settings accordingly.

Facebook Connect

If you have agreed to the use of cookies, we use Facebook Connect (aka “Login with Facebook”), a service provided by Facebook Inc, 1601 S California Ave, Palo Alto, CA 94304, USA. By clicking the button you will be redirected to the Facebook homepage and prompted to log in using your username and password. We do not collect your login details. If you are already logged on to Facebook, this step will be skipped. Afterwards, Facebook tells you what type of information will be shared with us (profile visible to public, list of FB friends, email address and your current residence). You agree to this by clicking OK. We use the data to set up your customer account. However, we do not store the list of your FB friends. Furthermore, there will be no permanent synchronisation between your customer account and your FB account. For more details on how Facebook collects and processes your personal information, please refer to Facebook’s Privacy Policy.

Facebook Custom Audience Pixel

If you have agreed to the use of cookies, we use Custom Audience Pixel, a service provided by Facebook Inc., 1601 S. California Ave, Palo Alto, CA 94304, USA, that enables us to show personalised ads to Facebook users that were previously browsing our website. In order to do so, we have added Facebook’s  Pixel code snippet to the source code of our webpage which establishes a link to Facebook’s servers, telling Facebook that you have visited our webpage. Facebook adds this information to your FB account. For more details about how Facebook collects and uses your personal data, and what you can do to protect your sensitive information, please refer to Facebook’s privacy policy available at
If you want to object to Facebook showing you our personalised ads, you may opt out using the opt-out you can find under "Right to Withdraw Consent":

LinkedIn Analytics and LinkedIn Ads

We use Conversion tracking methods and retargeting functions of the LinkedIn Corporation. With this technology visitors of this platform can be addressed with personalized ads on LinkedIn. Furthermore this enables anonymous add performance reports and information about the interaction on our website. Therefor the LinkedIn Insight-tag is implemented on our website which produces a link to the LinkedIn server if you visit this page and are logged in to your LinkedIn account at the same time. In the privacy policy of LinkedIn at you can find further information regarding data collection and data usage and the possibilities and rights to protect you privace. If you are logged into your LinkeIn accont you can always decline this data processing with the following link:


We use customer support software provided by Zendesk Inc., 989 Market Street #300, San Francisco, CA 94102, USA, to handle customer enquiries. If you contact us using this service by completing the relevant form on our webpage, we collect and process personal information including your full name, postal address, phone number and email address in order to deal with your request. Zendesk has signed up to the Privacy Shield Framework, complying with all general data protection regulations. More details on how Zendesk uses your personal information are available at If you have any questions, please email Zendesk’s Data Protection Office at

If you contact us via email or by completing the form on our webpage, we shall keep any personal information you provide in the process strictly confidential. Moreover, we shall use your personal information for the sole purpose of dealing with your request, and shall store your details and contact history only to facilitate follow-up questions, and, if necessary, getting in touch with you. By completing the contact form on our webpage you agree to your personal information being processed in compliance with §6(1a) GDPR. However, you may withdraw your consent at any time by sending us an email.
Zendesk Inc and Conrad Connect GmbH have entered into a Data Processing Agreement, ensuring that our use of your personal information fully complies with Germany’s strict data protection law

Hotjar Webanalytics

If you have agreed to the use of cookies, this Website uses Hotjar, a tool for Web Analytics developed by Hotjar Ltd. Level 2, St Julian's Business Centre, 3, Elia Zammit Street, St Julian's STJ 1000, Malta. It enables measuring and analyzing of user behavior (clicks, mouse movement, scroll depth, etc.) for this website. The information about your visit, collected through tracking code and cookie, get send to Hotjar servers in Ireland and saved there. The tracking code collects information such as: IP address of your device (gathered and saved in an anonymized format), your Email address including your sur and lastname, if you entered it into our website, your geographical location (only country) and log data like the referring domain, visited pages, etc. Hotjar uses this information to analyze the usage of our Website, creation of usage reports and other services related to website usage and Web Analytics of this site.

You can find the data policy of Hotjar here:

You can permit Hotjar from collecting data by clicking the following link and following the given instructions or use the opt-out you can find under "Right to Withdraw Consent": Hotjar Opt-out

Twilio Messaging

We use the Twilio API messaging platform owned by Twilio Inc., 375 Beale Street, Suite 300, San Francisco, CA 94105, USA. Twilio have signed up to covered by the EU-US Privacy Shield framework. We use the services provided by Twilio in compliance with §6 (1) GDPR based on a Personal Data Processing Agreement conforming to §28 GDPR. 
Twilio uses your data in an anonymized form to both improve their services and for statistical purposes. However, Twilio will not use your phone number to call you, or share your number with any third party. Twilio’s Privacy Policy is available online at


We use the services of Taboola Inc., Oneustonsq, 40 Melton Street, 13th Floor, London, NW1 2FD, UK on our platform which enables user-targeted recommendations for content and ads based on website behaviour and interests to improve the user experience on our platform. The usage profiles are created using pseudonyms and don’t allow for conclusions on personal information. Taboola stores the following data in cookies: Operating System of the user, visited pages on our website, referrer/link from where the user came to our platform, time and number of visits, page views on error-pages, location (city and state), shortened IP address. Legal basis for this is your consent (Art. 6 Abs. 1 lit a DSGVO). You can find the data privacy policy of Taboola here:

Reseller Program

Conrad Connect uses a network of trained reseller partners ("Reseller") to sell concrete solutions. If you contact Conrad Connect regarding the purchase of solutions, Conrad Connect will forward your request to a suitable Reseller, who will contact you directly regarding purchase and setup.

Conrad Connect

Conrad Connect is an online platform that enables interconnecting and managing different brands of smart electronic products. In order to do so, you need to log on to Conrad Connect via a PC or mobile device which results in personal information being collected in the process. We know how important the appropriate use of your personal information is to you. Means we will only use this information in full compliance with both Germany’s Federal Data Protection Act, and the Federal Media Privacy Act. How precisely we make sure your personal information is protected is outlined below. 
Conrad Connect allows you to change and monitor the settings of a variety of devices via the internet. When signing up for the service, we collect and store the following information contained in the automated server logs forwarded by your browser:

  • time and date of the visit
  • requested page
  • referrer URL
  • result status codes (URL found, URL not found etc)
  • type and version of the browser used
  • visitor IP address
  • amount of bytes served

For more details on what type of information may be collected by the manufacturer of an individual product, please refer to the Privacy Policy of the respective manufacturer. We do not store your name and address.            
We depersonalise all data we collect as a result from you using our services. As depersonalised data do not compromise your personal information, the Federal Data Protection Act (DGSVO) does not apply. This means that depersonalised data may be processed and shared with third parties.

Stripe Payments

If you use Stripe as a payment provider, your payment will be processed by Stripe Payments Europe Ltd, Block 4, Harcourt Centre, Harcourt Road, Dublin 2, Ireland. To enable the transaction, and in compliance with §6(1) GDPR, we will pass on both order and payment details including your name, home address, bank account or credit card number (if applicable), total amount due, currency and transaction number to Stripe. However, we share your personal details with Stripe Payment Europe for payment processing purposes only. Your data will not be disclosed to any third party. More details on how Stripe uses your personal information are available at


Subscribing to our newsletter requires a double opt-in. This means you only will receive our newsletter after your have instructed us to activate the service followed by confirming your instruction again by clicking the relevant link contained in our subscription confirmation email. When you subscribe to our newsletter, we  store your email address together with the subscription date. We use this information to make sure no third party has been subscribing using your email address without your knowledge or consent. If you no longer want to receive our newsletter, you may unsubscribe at any time. 
We use MailChimp, a marketing platform owned and operated by Rocket Science Group LLC, 675 Ponce De Leon Ave NE#5000m Atlanta, Georgia 30308, USA, to disseminate our newsletter. If you sign up for our newsletter, your email address and the above mentioned data will be stored on MailChimp’s US-base servers. MailChimp shall only use your information for the purpose of sending out the newsletters on our behalf. Moreover, MailChimp may use the collected data to improve their services, or for internal operational procedures,  e.g. to determine the newsletter recipients’ countries of residence. MailChimp will not use your personal data to contact you, or share your information with any third parties. MailChimp complies with the EU-US Privacy Shield framework, adhering to EU data privacy and protection rules. Read MailChimp’s Privacy Policy here.  
Our newsletter code contains a web beacon, means a tiny file that is accessed by the MailChimp servers to create a server log containing information relating to the type and version of browser you use, your IP address, and date and time of the request. MailChimp uses this information to improve their services with regard to service features, target audience, and recipient preferences based only location (detected by the recipient’s IP address). MailChimp also collects data on whether the newsletters are read, when they’ve been read, and which of the embedded links were clicked in the process.  These data may be correlated to individual newsletter subscribers for technical reasons. However, neither we nor MailChimp will track individual newsletter readers over time. We collect the information for the sole purpose of identifying the reading preferences of our subscribers in order to serve more personalised content.

Job Applicants & Shortlisted Candidates

Applying for a job at our company involves providing a wide range of information, including you personal details, your contacts, your professional background, work experience and qualifications. You may also submit cover letters and letters of reference in electronic form.
Moreover, in and compliance with Germany’s Equality Act (Allgemeines Gleichbehandlungsgesetz), please do not provide any personal information relating to your ethnic background, race, gender, religion, ideology, disabilities, age, sexual identity or sexual orientation, union memberships, and physical or mental illnesses, as well as information that might infringe the copyrights, intellectual property right or any statutory right held by a third party.
We collect and use your personal information for purposes related to your application, seeking employment at our company. We do not pass on your data to third parties. If you submit your application online, we collect your name home address, telephone number, email address and other details solely for the purpose to contact you with regard to your application. If your application is successful, we may use your information for administrative purposes. Your online application will be processed by a designated HR team that will not share your personal information with anyone else. Your data will not be stored on servers based outside of Germany.
If you application does not result in employment at our company, we are required by law to hold on to your information for a period of up to six months, to be able to answer questions related to the process and success of your application. We may keep your information longer than the period stipulated by law after obtaining your prior written consent, to inform you of future job opportunities arising at our company that fit your profile. Otherwise, your personal data will be deleted.

Using Our Forum (Community)

If you want to post on our forum pages you need to sign up using our online form. However, you may view forum content without registering. Moreover, posting under your own name is not mandatory, you may use an alias. After you submitted the online registration form, we’ll send you an email containing a verification link (double opt-in). Click the link to activate your account. At the time our system activates your account, you enter into a free-of-charge user agreement with us.​ Once your account is active, and you have logged on to our forum pages, we collect and store your login details, your activities on our forum pages including your postings, your user profile, messages, signatures, account dashboard settings, and your user history until you sign out again. We only use the above information to operate our community platform. If you post content on our pages, we collect your IP address, and date and time of the postings, and store them for a period of seven (7) days. We are allowed to do so by law (§6, 1b, 1f GDPR), to protect us against third-party claims regarding illegal, defamatory or factually incorrect content posted by our community members. Moreover, we collect and keep your name and email address for the purpose of contacting you in the case of a third party making a complaint about content posted by you. If you delete your account, your username will change to "Guest", and your past posts will stay visible and searchable for all our community members. Any other data we hold about you will be deleted. If you wish your forum contributions to be removed as well you'll need to notify our webpage, admin, using above contacts PRIOR to deleting your account as posts can no longer be matched and, therefore, deleted once your account has been canceled.

Data Protection

We have taken suitable physical and electronic, organizational and technical measures to prevent unauthorized access or disclosure, damage or loss of your personal information. Both, our members of staff and our suppliers are providing services in full compliance with the current data protection laws. We encrypt all personal information we collect and process prior to the transfer, thereby ensuring that no third party can access your data. Moreover, we are continually improving our safety measures aimed at protection your details, regularly updating our Privacy Policy in the process. Please make sure you are always referring to the latest version.

Your Rights

You have the right to be notified if your personal data are collected, to request the personal data we hold about you to be disclosed to you, to request your personal data to be amended, deleted or their use by us to be limited, to data portability and the right to make a complaint to the respective data protection authority of your country. Your principal rights under data protection law are

Right to Access

You may request to be informed as to whether we collect your personal information, and if we do, how we use your data.

Right to Rectification

If we process personal data that are incomplete or incorrect, you may request the respective information to be supplemented/amended at any time.

Right to Erasure

You may request personal information we hold on you to be deleted if our use of your data is against the law, or constitutes an infringement of your interest deemed unacceptable. We will delete your personal information immediately unless required otherwise by law.

Right to Restrict Processing

You may request limited processing of your personal information if:

  • you contest the accuracy of the data we hold on you. In this case, we limit the use to an absolute minimum until we have ascertained whether your personal detail is correct;
  • our use of your data does not conform with the law, however, you do not want your data to be deleted but requesting limited use instead;
  • we do no longer require your data for the purpose they were collected for but you still need the information to exercise your rights or make a complaint;
  • you objected to your personal information being processed by our company.
Right to Portability

You have the right to receive your personal data from us in a structured, commonly used and machine-readable format that enables you to transfer the information to another party without the necessity of our involvement if:

  • the data processed with your consent or for the purpose of fulfilling a contractual agreement entered into by you and us, and
  • such processing is carried out by automated means.

You may request your personal data being transferred directly from us to a party of your choice subject to the technical requirements being in place.

Right to Withdraw Consent
Right to Complain to Supervisory Authority

If you believe our processing of your personal information infringes German or EU data protection laws, please get in touch immediately. It goes without saying that you may also contact the respective supervisory data protection authority in your country. If you would lodge a complaint please call or email our data protection officer. N.B. We are entitled to ask for proof of identity.

Policy Amendments

We reserve the right to amend this policy at any time, particularly if new information technology should require us to do so. Please make sure you always refer to our latest policy version. All significant changes to our Privacy Policy will be announced on our webpage.

Enquiries and Notifications

If you have any questions about the protection of your personal information at Conrad Connect, please contact
Christian Volkmer
Projekt 29 GmbH & Co. KG
Ostengasse 14
93047 Regensburg

Tel  +49 (0) 941 2986 930
Fax +49 (0) 941 2986 9316