Connect smartly with Conrad Connect


All devices and services that you have linked to the Conrad Connect platform can be included in your project. From simple to complex - create projects to make company processes more efficient or simply to bring more comfort into your home. Based on the sensor data of your devices you can select concrete actions. Example: Create an alarm in case of a water leak! As soon as your Sygonix water detector reports that water is entering, you will receive a call with a warning message. This allows you to take immediate action. Or if you are on holiday, your neighbor will be informed.

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It's that simple:

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Connect your devices with Conrad Connect.

simple project

Create your project with our simple project editor.

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Your project is already finished. Or get inspired by existing projects of other users.

With Conrad Connect you can create simple or complex projects


Create a simple automation project yourself in a few minutes. With our user-friendly interface, you decide how your projects look like! Our simple project editor guides you step by step to your finished automation project. Or you can use our high-performance graphical editor for professional purposes. Connect several of your devices in different buildings or warehouses to complex projects. Conrad Connect adapts to your needs. That's how easy it is for companies to automate processes and make them more efficient. And for households to enjoy more comfort and security.



Conrad Connect's rule editor
is absolutely user friendly

Sounds familiar: Most rule editors and rule languages require you to have an expert at your side to guide you through the tech jungle. With our rule editor, you don't need extra experts and you don't have to learn a programming language. Simply drag and drop your devices and connect them to your input device. Then simply select the action that should happen. With our editor, you can select many useful rules. Create logical counters or timers. Set when to reorder something or let the windows close themselves.