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Make use of intelligent solutions for your everyday life and experience today what the smart living of the future holds for you. More than just automation: Conrad Connect's clever services make it easy to connect your devices and apps to real-world services – taking your smart life to the next level.


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Security in Your Intelligent Home

The smart home not only provides more comfort but also offers pioneering services for better protection against burglars, fire and water leaks.


Smart Home Security Assistance

Connect your smoke and water alarms with the emergency center of the Versicherungskammer Bayern and leave your home with peace of mind. If your devices report an alarm, it will be forwarded directly to the emergency dispatch center, which will immediately coordinate a solution for you.

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Intelligent Presence Simulation

Simulate real user behavior instead of rigid timing and scare off burglars effectively when you're away from home. With the intelligent presence simulation, you can create a profile of your everyday processes and make your presence perfectly believable.

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The Smart Way of Ordering Online

Leverage IoT as an innovative order channel and save time and effort when reordering regularly required items.

Smart Ordering Service

At Conrad Electronic, Digitalo, SMDV, SnackBaron, Voelkner as well as Muesli.de, only one push of a button or voice command is what you need to order. Alternatively let your devices simply reorder needed supplies themselves.

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Increase Motivation and Well-Being

Winning the struggle against your inner daemons isn’t easy. All the better that Conrad Connect provides the right motivational tools.


Fitness Competition


Start your own fitness competition and contend with your friends for the first place of most running steps. Anyone with a Conrad Connect-compatible fitness tracker or the free Google Fit app on their smartphone can join the competition.

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Sonos Talks!


Turn your Sonos device into a text-to-speech service with Conrad Connect and create personalized voice notifications for convenient situations. Celebrate reaching your goals and stay up to date with news about your smart home.

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Next Generation IoT Messaging

You want to quickly turn on the heating or lights in your home before you leave work? No problem!


Telegram IoT Messaging

With the Telegram Messenger, you can start your smart projects on Conrad Connect quickly and comfortably with a message, no matter where you are. You can also receive automatic notifications about important events in your smart home.

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More Exciting Services

Our range of services is constantly expanding. Take a look now!