Informed about everything. Never miss anything again with the smart notification services of Conrad Connect


You are on your way home from vacation. Wouldn't it be good to be reminded to turn on the underfloor heating on time? It's easy: With the WhatsApp IoT Messaging Service from Conrad Connect you get a Whatsapp directly on your mobile phone and can even turn on the heating directly with a Whatsapp command. No Whatsapp? You can also be informed by telegram. Or would you like to be informed by Conrad Connect when your front door is open? You can miss a text message, why not use our telephone notification service. It calls you directly and draws your attention to your open door.



All gone? Intelligent management of everyday life with Conrad Connect smart ordering services

We're out of ink! And what type of cartridge do I need again? Oh No, we're also running out of espresso beans. Where did I get the boss's favourite kind? Don't panic, because with the Smart Ordering Service from Conrad Connect you can reorder at the touch of a button or voice command. If you like, your smart devices can even automatically replenish the supply in our partner shops of, Digitalo,, SnackBaron or Mü and many other shops. You don't have to worry about accidental purchases, because you as a customer have the last word before each order.

snack baron
conrad so
otto ready

Everything at a glance: Monitoring buildings smart with the room planning service


Did your holiday guest also turn on the dishwasher and close all windows after checking out? Have all electrical appliances been turned off and the heating turned down? With the room planner service from Conrad Connect you can check from your desk whether everything is in order in your holiday accommodation. Book the service, upload a floor plan and you're ready to go. Simply drag and drop your smart devices into the right place in the room planner. You can then define colours and messages for each device to inform you of its current status.

floor plan


Everybody here? With the intelligent presence simulation of Conrad Connect you protect yourself optimally against burglars

No more timers that always turn your lamps on and off at the same time. Don't give burglars a chance to see through the rhythm of your timers. Use the intelligent presence simulation of Conrad Connect. This service "learns" when you usually use your selected smart lamps or smart sockets. Whenever you activate the presence simulation and leave your home, the service automatically controls your devices based on the learned pattern. In this way, your presence is simulated in a completely unique way, according to your usual daily and weekly routines.

Everything's under control. The Conrad Connect smart home security assistance service informs you 24/7

You are on the road, have no reception, but the smoke alarm goes off in your home? Don't worry about it. On Conrad Connect you can connect your smoke and water detectors to the emergency control center of the Versicherungskammer Bayern. As soon as your devices report an alarm, it will be forwarded to the emergency control center. A member of staff will try to reach you or your emergency contacts by phone to initiate necessary emergency measures and prevent damage to your home.




It's as simple as that


How to set up the services step by step: More inspiration for our services can be found on the Conrad Connect blog.