Covid-19 Einlasskontrolle
Covid-19 Einlasskontrolle

Corona Retail Store Crowd Control

✓ Manage in-store customer numbers effectively
✓ Comply with the law
✓ Set up takes only a couple of minutes

How Your Business Benefits


The challenge:
Covid-19 safety measures


  • Control in-store crowd movement effectively
  • Prevent excessive customer numbers per square metre
  • Comply with government-issued Corona regulations

The solution:
Conrad Connect 

  • Automated retail store crowd control system
  • Smart crowd movement management – no tedious procedures
  • Easy and quick setup

Your benefits:
Instant returns


  • Highly efficient despite low set-up costs
  • Manage customer numbers on different sales floors individually
  • Expandable to include other automation tools

Smart crowd management: Retail store traffic light system

Use smart light buttons and smart light bulbs to manage in-store customer numbers effectively. The tried and tested button-operated traffic light set-up is an easy and intuitive way to tell customers when to enter the store (green light), and when to keep waiting outside (red light).


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Three 3 simple steps to get started

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1. Buy device here and here


3. Set up system and get going

Are you looking for an automated solution for a bigger business?

With the digital doorman solution, you can control the visitor flow automatically thanks to the counting feature and even visualize the numbers on a display.

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Conrad Group – Trusted since 1923

Choosing Conrad Connect Professional means choosing Germany’s leading IoT gateway provided by Conrad.

Your Security Is Our No. 1 Priority

Protecting your personal information is very important to us. This is why we’ve put all the necessary measures in place to safeguard your privacy. With Conrad Connect you have full control over your data.

✓ 100% GDPR compliant
✓ Latest SSL encryption
✓ Servers with the highest security standards in Western Europe

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