Turnkey Predictive Maintenance

3 minutes installation without wiring or configuration

 24/7 monitoring supported by machine learning

Customizable reporting and alerting

Conrad Connect works with BOB, the smartest predictive maintenance sensor!



BOB is the perfect fit to Conrad Connect, and the best choice for all maintenance, repair and operation experts (MRO).

  • Plug and play installation, even without IoT experience
  • Edge technology with machine learning and pattern recognition
  • Autonomous operation for up to 4 years based on LoRa technology
  • Industry standard casing with IP68 protection


BOB enables real-time vibration monitoring on Conrad Connect, thus supports predictive maintenance for a wide range of equipment types.

  • Motors and compressors

  • Air conditioning systems

  • Generators and power supplies

  • Machine tools

      ....and many more!


BOB sends all your machine data securely to Conrad Connect, where innovative platform features are enabled for you.

  • Data visualization on configurable dashboards or digital floor plans
  • Data export and sharing to manage the data access of stakeholders
  • Automatic alarming through various messaging and notification channels
    (email, SMS, WhatsApp, Slack, HTTP request etc.)
  • Process automation to control your IoT devices or integrated systems via sophisticated if-then logics

Your benefits at a glance

easy start

Quick and easy start 

  • No consultancy, custom configuration, programming or algorithm training is needed
  • The sensor installation takes only about 3 minutes even without special skills
  • All your data is available right away on Conrad Connect for alerting and automation

Incredible benefit-cost ratio

  • Our solution eliminates the cost of manual monitoring activities, dramatically reduces maintenance costs by enabling on-demand maintenance, and minimizes downtime to avoid profit loss
  • The monthly cost of ownership of the first sensor is only 61 EUR, and 11 EUR for each further sensors (calculated with 4 years of operation)

Cutting edge technology stack

  • Unique sensor technology with built-in machine learning intelligence 
  • SIM connected LoRa gateway to transfer your data even from remote places without internet connection
  • Highly flexible platform infrastructure with intuitive web interface built for monitoring, alarming and automation 
  • Robust and secure cloud data storage, hosted in the EU

Get your predictive maintenance starter kit now!


Turnkey Predictive Maintenance Starter Kit  

 +  1 LoRa gateway with SIM connectivity

 +  1 BOB Assistant predictive maintenance sensor

 +  12 months Conrad Connect Professional usage

Pre-order price:  990 EUR (excl. VAT)

The offering is valid until 31st of July 2020, and the number of pre-order packages is limited.
330 EUR net deposit is charged upon ordering, which is reclaimable until delivery.
Delivery of the pre-ordered products starts latest 1st September, 2020.
The included SIM card provides 2 years connectivity within Europe.   
Further BOB sensors are available for 540 EUR excl. VAT.
The Conrad Connect service costs 40 EUR / month after the first 12 months.

Any questions?
We have the right answers!

Let our experts advise you how you can implement and benefit from our predictive maintenance solution!


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