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Optimize utilization and
workload intelligently

✓ Make use of optimization potential
✓ Optimize business processes
✓ Save costs, resources and time

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Only those who master their processes will dominate their business. As a partner for innovative IoT solutions, Conrad Connect Professional supports you with successful process optimization in your company. Our goal is to perfectly design your business processes and ensure your success in the long term.

How to leverage optimization potential for your business

facility management


Use smart facility

Whether for automated monitoring of temperature and air quality or recording fill levels and utilization of your office space: intelligently optimize your facility management.

customers feedback


Capture customer feedback
with IoT

Use the latest technologies for valuable insights: With smart sensors and IoT devices, you collect and analyze useful feedback from your customers in business premises and local stores.



Coordinate business processes efficiently

Optimize the communication and efficiency of your business processes and employees in all areas: from warehouses to production systems to offices and shops.

In practice: The intelligent warehouse at TechnoTrade


Smart logistics,
perfectly organized

Organizing your logistics efficiently often begins with complex tools. Conrad Connect Professional offers a simple and practical solution for every warehouse. With the Move my Stock Service, the transfer of the goods at TechnoTrade is now just a click away. Smart buttons were simply placed where there is a regular need to transport goods. This way, forklift truck drivers are informed via text message as soon as replenishment is needed.

"By using the Conrad Connect solution in our warehouse, we save valuable time and reduce the error rate."

Frank Reiser,
CTO TechnoTrade

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