Support the workers and companies
during the Corona crisis

In these times of uncertainty, we're all looking for ways to help support each other. That's why we would like to invite all of our users to create and share smart automation ideas which can improve lives or professionals while they carry out their duties and help companies manage the crisis better.
As this is a new world we are living in right now, there are no right or wrong ideas. We are looking forward to seeing your ideas and spreading our share of knowledge in order to help others.

How can you make a difference


  1. Create an IoT project which helps an individuals at home to manage their everyday life or automate tasks in the office remotels.
  2. Use #WeAreHereForYou hashtag along in the project title and publish it.
  3. Spread the word about your project ideas in this community thread.


The top 3 public projects based on the most likes on the 10th of April are featured here:

  1.  Place: Congratulate colleague bday during quarantine
  2.  Place: Quarantine fitness reminder
  3.  Place: Switch off TV during video call

More useful projects


We’ve designed a number of project templates in order to give you a glimpse of what’s possible.


Project 1 b2b


Let the employer know about your absence

Long pressing a smart button sends, email, SMS, Twitter and Pushover to the manager immediately and informs about your absence.

Project 2 b2b


Request supply on time

Every time a med person uses a face mask they press a button and the system counts how many masks are used already and notifies the supplier before the products run out.

Project 3 b2b


Enable remote office controlling

Get notified immediately when something goes wrong in the office.

It's your turn now!